What's a DidyClip?

What is a DidyClip?  

That's a great question. A DidyClip is a clip-on camera filter for your phone, mobile device and tablet. It is designed for professional quality glassblowing photography. It's easy to use and quite durable, with clear and beautiful results. No need to play around with a pair of shop didy's held up to your phone trying to get a good shot.  DidyClips are simple to put on and take off. Clip it onto your phone and immediately you are ready to create pro glassblowing photos, videos and streaming of your live action glass art process. Checkout the image quality of the videos below. 

Why should I use a DidyClip? 

DidyClips are made to help glass artists, glass teachers and glass photographers take their presentation and instruction capability to a new level. With a DidyClip you can capture all the beautiful images and full orange spectrum of hot glass that is happening in the flame. Your glass images won't get lost in the bright flare that is produced. The flare blocks visibility and makes it difficult to see the design work and temperature of the glass. Removing the flare allows you to see what heat ranges you may be reaching in regards to specific technique or instruction. Having this visual tool allows for a deeper understanding of working with hot glass. When teaching and learning glass with videos, the visual aspect of the glass is all we have to show the temperature. Seeing the beautiful orange hues of hot glass is what it's all about. With a DidyClip in place on your phone you can truly see what's happening thru the flame and into the hot glass. It is the perfect tool to up your photography game!! It will broaden your capabilities by improving all photos, videos and hot glass live streams potential. 

Will this help me with my live streams?   

If you are currently streaming live glassblowing on Twitch, Youtube, Instagram or any other social app, this photography tool will make all the difference to you and your viewer's ability to see what you are working on. No more glowing bright yellow spot every time you film live. Didyclips let see the art in the flame and you can focus on getting the best shot.