Iphone 13 Didyclip

$99.00 - $169.99
  • Iphone 13 Didyclip
  • Iphone 13 Didyclip

The new Didyclip designed specifically for the IPhone 13 pro & pro max are now in stock. It is provided with a 52mm Didymium glass filter and phone clip that fits snuggly over your IPhone 13 camera.

This 52mm didymium filter is interchangeable with any camera that uses a 52mm filter.

Also we offer a 52mm Didyclips LiveStream Filter as an option.

For Live Streaming we recommend a seperate filter called a LiveStream Filter (LSF) to pair with your didymium filter. This filter is designed to give you manual control over your exposure with the touch of a dial. This allows for controlling your lighting and brightness levels during a stream. You can do this regularly on your phone using your exposure settings but not during a live stream. This filter is needed while streams so your torch flame is not overly bright white. Also it will make adjustments quick and easy by not having to go into your phones settings.