Lil’ Didy Phone Filter

$35.00 - $40.00
  • Lil’ Didy Phone Filter

Our newest filter the Lil' Didy is a 20mm didymium glass filter designed to fit over a single camera lens.

It's the same high quality glass didymium filter, with the same AR (anti-reflective) coating, as our original DidyClip but smaller.

We are offering a new protective coating option called an AF (anti-fingerprint) coating. The AF coating is like magic. Repelling most all fingerprint smudges from collecting on the filter. Any minimal fingerprints will will off with ease, maintaining crisp image clarity.

Lil' Didy works on all model phones and tablets but will require to be manually moved when switching between cameras while zooming. This means if you're zooming in and out and phone is automatically switches between cameras, you will have to move the filter to the camera that is currently in use.


*camera will need to be zoomed in 1.1x- 1.2x to avoid a vignette effect (dark borders) on image.

*we do not offer a LSF (Live Stream Filter) for the Lil' Didy.